The 4 Months - Krishna's Window

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Date: Sunday, 26th November 2023

Venue: Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff

Event 4: Krishna's Window

In recent years there has been an exciting convergence between Eastern Philosophy and Western Neuroscience, in this event we will convey the Eastern teachings in a modern language.

Brain neurones that fire together, wire together. In session 1 we'll share a teaching from Bhagwad Gita, how to understand our habits, personality traits, tendencies, behaviour, etc. and how to change the brain's neuron pathways to support your life aspirations.

In Session 2 we have a Tibetan Buddhist expert to teach us "Mindfulness" and share proven benefits from a scientific perspective.

This event is for those who want to realise meaningful benefits in their day to day life. Whether it's relating to Relationships, Work, Education, Parenting, Mental Health or simply inner peace and happiness


4 Merches Place, Cardiff, CF11 6RD



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