Coming to the Temple

Before coming inside the Temple, we should place our shoes in a nice order. If you remove shoes by hand, then you should wash your hands before you come inside the Temple.

When you go towards God, we should look at Him and then perform Darshan

Boys do Darshan by sleeping on the floor making sure that both arms, both legs and both eyes are facing the floor. You should think of God at all times.

Girls do Darshan by crouching on their feet and placing both hands in front of them. You should think of God at all times.

Those who can't do Darshan because they are sick or old, a simple bow with hands joined will do.

God likes people who ask for nothing that is material. Both males and females should pray: "O Lord! Thank you for blessing me with Your darshan once again. I beg of you, O Lord, only give me the company of your devotees and save me from bad people."

After doing Darshan, you should go near God and look at Him. This should be done for all the Murtis in the Temple.

Then you should go round God clockwise.

Holy books are the words of God. We should go to the place where the books are read and touch it.

Then, we should sit in the Sabha on the floor properly.