Elevan Niyams

There are 11 Niyams that are recited in Nirvikalp Uttam Ati. These are as follows:

  1. Hinsa na karanee jantukee - (Do not harm any being)
  2. Parastriya sangako tyag - (Do not touch other women. This does not include relatives)
  3. Mans na khavat madhyakun - (Do not eat meat)
  4. Peevat nahi badabhag - (Do not drink alcohol)
  5. Vidhavakun sparshat nahi - (Do not touch widow women)
  6. Karat na atmaghat - (Do not commit suicide in any circumstances)
  7. Choree na karanee kahukee - (Do not steal)
  8. Kalank na koikun lagat - (Do not make false accusations)
  9. Nindat nahi koy devakun - (Do not insult deities)
  10. Bin khapto nahi khat - (Don't eat food from improper sources)
  11. Vimukh jivake vadanase katha sunee nahi jat - (Do not listen to speeches or Katha by those who have turned their backs on God)


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