Bal Charitra

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning In the north of India there are a range of mountains called the Himalayas and it is from here that the river Ganga (Ganges) flows. At this place there is a tree named Badri, hence the place is called Badrikashram. In Badrikashram resides Narayan Muni. A long time ago, after completing their pilgrimage, a hundred and thirty nine Rushi's and Read More
  • The Ancestrol History of Ghanshyam Maharaj

    The Ancestrol History of Ghanshyam Maharaj In the north of India, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in a town near the river Sarchoo called Gorakpur, Ramprasad was born into the following cast:- Sarvariya - Samvedh - Kothmi sakba - Brahmin. The following represents the ancestral fathers of Ghanshyam Maharaj Ramprasad Gharnighar (Moved to live in Nepal) Gangaprasad Laxmanram (Moved to Ittar) Vansidhar Vedhman Kanayan Balsharma + Bhaghyaviti Dharmdev + Bhaktimata. Read More
  • Birth of Ghanshyam Maharaj

    Birth of Ghanshyam Maharaj Ramanand Swami is the founder of Uddhav Sampraday and is the incarnation of Uddhavji. Uddhavji is on the right of Narayan Muni in the Nar Narayan Dev murti at Cardiff temple. He was born on Shravan Vedh 8 Samvat 1795, named Ramsharma. His father's name was Ajaysharma and his mother's Sumatidevi. Read More
  • Brief Leelas of Ghanshyam Maharaj's childhood including Kalidatta's Death

    Brief Leelas of Ghanshyam Maharaj's childhood including Kalidatta's Death Ghanshyam's Mami Laxmibai was preparing 'seero' for Bhaktimata. Ghanshyam sensed that his mother was feeling very hungry because of the long time it was taking to prepare the food. He therefore called upon the sidhis, ladies from heaven, to prepare the food. The sidhis prepared the food quickly and offered it to Bhaktimata. Laxmimami was astonished to see this miracle Read More
  • Move to Ayodhya

    Move to Ayodhya Ghanshyam was now two years old. After the incident with Kalidatta and the other threatening incidents, Dharmadev and Bhaktimata feared for Ghanshyam's safety from Asur's. They therefore decided to leave Chhapaiya. Gathering all their essential household items, they put them into a cart and then set for Ayodhya. On the way, they came to a river, Saryu where they all Read More
  • Fish brought back to life

    Fish brought back to life One day Ghanshyam was playing with His friends Pragh, Madhav and Veniram by the banks of a lake near Chappaiya. They saw a fisherman in a boat fishing. Seeing the fishes dying outside the water in baskets, Ghanshyam Maharaj became very upset. Ghanshyam Maharaj swam up to the boat, gave life back to the fish and put them back into Read More
  • Small Pox

    Small Pox Like a normal child, Ghanshyam Maharaj developed a high fever one day. Bhaktimata became worried as Ghansyam was not eating His food. Bhaktimata became worried as Ghanshyam was not eating His food. Being a small village, news soon spread around Chappaiya of Ghanshyam Maharaj illness. Hearing this Chandamasi ran down Bhaktimata's house and found that Ghanshyam Maharaj had come down Read More
  • Khapa Talavdi

    Khapa Talavdi On the west side of Chhapaiya there is a small lake now known as Khapa Talavdi (lake). It is filled with water all year round. Many trees, plants and beautiful flowers covered the area surrounding the lake and there was a constant aroma of fresh flowers. This made it a popular place for all the Read More
  • Ghost Well

    Ghost Well A small distance away from Chhapaiya, there is a village called Tinva Bhaktimata's relatives lived here. One day Bhaktimata, Dharmadev and Ghanshyam went Tinva and stayed there for a week or two with their relative, Prabhit Pande and his wife Vachanbai. Bhaktimata was supposed to be a guest Read More
  • Sweets for a Ring

    Sweets for a Ring One day Suwashinibhabi was cooking in the kitchen. She had taken her ring off and placed it on a nearby shelf. Ghanshyam went to the kitchen feeling very hungry and asked his Bhabi for some food. Bhabi replied, ""Please wait a while, the food won't be long." Ghanshyam could not wait He saw the ring on the shelf and thought Read More
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