• Hanumanji's Darshan of Nilkantvarni

    Hanumanji's Darshan of Nilkantvarni After being pushed into the river Saryu by Kaushidatta, Nilkanthvarni swam down the river came out on the opposite side some twenty four miles away. He walked for three days through the wild forest, barefooted and without food and water. Nilkanthvarni wondered timelessly Read More
  • Tapasya in Puul Ashram

    Tapasya in Puul Ashram Having blessed Hanumanji, Nilkantvarni continued His Vanvicharan. He walked through the very dense forest and came to the foot of the Himalayas, he saw beautiful snow capped and black capped mountains (Kalahimegrhiv). He walked through the forests surrounding Read More
  • Nilkanthvarni Tests the Devotion of the Siddhas of Sirpur

    Nilkanthvarni Tests the Devotion of the Siddhas of Sirpur Nilkanthvarni came to a town called Sirpur in Vans Desh. Vans Desh is now known as Bangladesh. It is ruled by the king called Siddhavallabadha. Being a kind hearted and religious king, he offered Siddhas food and a place to stay and many of them made a permanent home Read More
  • The Tarnish of Greed

    The Tarnish of Greed A Brahmin from Taylang Desh came to Sirpur. He approached king Siddhavallabadha and introduced himself as a well versed person in the Vedas, Scriptures and Purans. However, he was greedy and unscrupulous, using his good side to extract gifts from many kings. He asked king Siddhavallabadha to welcome him by offering him a gift of a golden elephant. He asked Read More
  • Pibek

    Pibek In the town where the kamakshi Devi Temple was situated, there lived a Brahmin called Pibek. He was a follower of Mahakali. He was a good Brahmin but became evil natured as he kept the company of evil spirits and read bad scriptures. He used his black magic to torment the town's people. He harassed all satsangis and wanted them Read More
  • 900,000 Blessings

    900,000 Blessings The Navlakha Mountains were the home for 900,000 Siddhas who were performing tapasya. All these siddhas had their own place to perform tapasya and beautiful green grass and hot and cols springs surround the area. Blessings each of these Siddhas would be difficult for Read More
  • The wicked sadhus of Jagnathpuri

    The wicked sadhus of Jagnathpuri Nilkantvarni resided in Kapil Ashram for approximately one month and then recommenced His journey until He arrived at the holy city of Jagnathpuri in the state of Orrisa. (Jagnathpuri is also called Purshotampattan). Here Nilkantvarni performed prayers and did Darshan of Lord Jagnath. Jagnathpuri was the home of many sadhus. Some were wise and good but there were also a Read More
  • Nilkantvarni bathes the Shaligram

    Nilkantvarni bathes the Shaligram Passing through Sunderaj Shetra and having had darshan at the Vishnu temple, Nilkantvarni came to a dense, wild and dangerous forest. Having entered the forest He walked for five days without any food or water as He had seen no place where He could take a bath and Read More
  • The Ungrateful (Sevakram)

    The Ungrateful (Sevakram) Nilkantvarni left Manasputtan to continue his journey south and came to a town called Venkatodri, now known as Venkatachal and also as Tirumalai, which lies at the foot of a range of seven mountains. Nilkantvarni climbed the seventh mountain where there is a Read More
  • The journey North from India's most Southern Tip

    The journey North from India's most Southern Tip Having left Bhutpuri, Nilkantvarni came to a place called Kanyakumari near the southern tip of India. The place was named after the goddess Kanya Kumari who was sent by Lord Vishnu to conquer the demon Banasur who harassed Devlok Gods. The Devs and Devis went to Lord Vishnu Read More
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