Nilkantvarni arrives in Loj

Nilkantvarni reached the outskirts of a village called Loej where there was a Vava (x1x). Here He took a bath and then took a seat on a stone under a nearby tree and began to meditate. Ladies from the village daily came to fetch water from the Vava early in the morning. They were all surprised upon seeing Nilkantvarni, a slim, handsome man having forsaken His life to lead the life of a celibate. They all wanted to know more about Him and began to ask Him questions. Nilkantvarni however was deep in meditation and showed no sign of acknowledging their questions and satisfying their curiosity.

Sukhanand Swami also came to the vava for a bath that morning and saw Nilkantvarni sitting on the stone. He saw Nilkantvarni's slim body, with an innocent face shining like a bright moon on a clear night. Sukhanand Swami became instantly attracted to Nilkantvarni as he saw His greatness. Sukhanand Swami bowed down to Him. Nilkantvarni came out of meditation and Sukhanand Swami asked, "Where do you come from? Where are you going? and What is your name?" Nilkantvarni replied, "I am Ghanshyam, son of Bhaktimata and Dharmdev. I have not yet decided the place to go on my pilgrimage. I started from the Uttar Kaushal Desh and it is only this morning that I have arrived here." Sukhanand Swami asked Nilkantvarni to come back with him to the ashram and meet the other saddhus. Nilkantvarni said, "I will be honoured to attend your ashram but first I must test the strength of your Dharma." Having asked Sukhanand Swami a very difficult question, Sukhanand Swami replies, "I will not be able to give the answer that your question deserves, however Muktanand Swami who is present at the ashram will be able to answer your question and also pass on further knowledge." Sukhanand Swami described Muktanand Swami to be a very knowledgeable and wise saint. On hearing Sukhanand Swami's reply, Nilkantvarni decided to go to the ashram to seek the answer to His question.

When Nilkantvarni arrived at the monastery, Muktanand Swami arose and instantly saw the Lord in Nilkantvarni. Muktanand Swami embraced Nilkantvarni with great emotion and tears dropped from his eyes. Muktanand Swami offered Nilkantvarni a seat next to him and they began to discuss the concepts of religion. Nilkantvarni said to Muktanand Swami, "Answer a question I have for you and I will stay at your ashram to discuss many further topics." "The question I ask is, what is the form of Jiva and Ishwar?" "What is the difference between Maya and Brahma and describe the form of Parbrahma?"

Nilkantvarni arrived at Loej on Shravan Vedh 6 Thursday V.S 1856 (21st August 1799), Having left home on Ashadh Sudh 10 V.S 1849. He had been on Vanvicharan for 7 Years, 1 Month and 11 Days. Throughout His journey He was barefooted and carried only the essentials. He walked through some of the traitorous of land as he travelled around India, starting from Uttar Kaushal Desh and ending at Gujarat. During His journey, He met many people from all walks of life, preaching to them, teaching the difference between right and wrong and converting them to be true satsangis. He eradicated all sinners that came across His path and blessed the beloved satsangis. All this He did whilst still performing His life as a mortal being. He often went without food and water for many days, He performed miracles, convincing people of the powers of the true Lord and he gave up completely His attachment to worldly goods.