When the Lord had left his mortal body and returned to his divine abode, the devotees were in a state of mourning. Both Acharyas went to seek solace in the elder saints and asked them to give courage to the devotees.

Gopalanand Swami (whom maharaj had entrusted the acharyas to) instructed Premanand Swami to create a Kirtan through which devotees could remember the Lord by. Premanand swami then wrote the Lords daily activities/habits and condensed them into these 10 verses.

The devotees would then sing these verses and it was as if the Lord had never left as swami's eloquent words reminded all devotees of the lord's minute activities/details.

We sing these verses on a daily basis to remember and meditate upon the Lord's activities in order to grow spiritually on daily basis.

Pad - 1

Pratham Shri Hari Ne Re, Charne Shis Namavu; Nautam Lila Re, Narayan Ni Gaavu ... 1
At the feet of Shree Hari, I bow down my head first and sing with all my heart of the glory of His daily life divine ...1

Mota Munivar Re, Ekagra Kari Manane; Jene Kaaje Re, Seve Jayee Vanane ... 2
All the great and famous Sages with mind steadfast in adoration perform tapas in the holy forests just to win his grace divine ...2

Aasan Sadhi Re, Dhyan Dharine Dhaare; Jeni Chesta Re, Sneh Kari Sambhare ... 3
They adopt a yogic posture and meditate upon Him with love they all remember how Shree Hari spends His time ...3

Sahaj Swabhavik Re, Prakruti Purshottamni; Sunta Sajni Re, Bik Matade Jamni ... 4
As purshottam He always is as simple as a guileless child you'll have no fear of death if you contemplate His life divine ...4

Gavu Hete Re, Harina Charitra Sambhari; Pawan Karjo Re, Prabhuji Buddhi Mari ... 5
I fondly recall all our Lord's leela, I sing of it with love unbound, May He shower all His grace and purify my soul ...5

Sahaj Swabhave Re, Betha Hoi Hari Jyare; Tulsini Mara Re, Kar Lai Ferve Tyare ... 6
At ease He often sits in contemplation, cool and calm with tulsi rosary in His hand and turns each bead in His name ...6

Ramuj Karta Re, Rajiv Nen Rupala; Koi Harijannire, Mangi Laine Mala ... 7
His eyes like blue lotus shine, His wit makes His audience smile, He often asks a rosary from a saint who receives a special grace ...7

Bewdi Rakhe Re, Baabe Manka Jode; Ferve Tani Re, Kaik Mala Tode ... 8
Often He takes two rosaries at a time and rotates tow beads as one and He rotates them so quickly the the string snaps and beads roll on ...8

Vato Kare Re, Ramuj Karine Hasta; Bheri Kari Re, Mala Karma Ghasta ... 9
At time He talks in banter light, often He rubs the rosaries in His hands to smoothen their rough beads showing His saints they are often used ...9

Kyarey Meechi Re, Netra Kamalne Swami; Premanand Kahe Re, Dhayan Dhare Bahunami ... 10
At times our Lord of endless names closes in meditation His lotus eyes and contemplates on Brahman divine, says Premanand Swami who has witnessed all this ...10

Pad - 2

Saambhar Sahiyar Re, Lila Nat Naagarni; Sunta Sukhdu Re, Aape Sukhsaagarni ... 1
Hear o friend, the sporting of our Lord, the best among the dancers divine, He is the ocean of bliss and gives bliss to us all when we listen to His leelas divine ...1

Netra Kamalne Re, Rakhi Ughada Kyare; Dhyan Dharine Re, Bese Jeevan Baare ... 2
His eyes are are like the lilies, and he holds them upon often, when for meditation, He sits on the cloister of His cell ...2

Kyarek Chamki Re, Dhayan Karta Jaage; Jota Jeevan Re, Janam Maran Dukh Bhage ... 3
At times suddenly, He wakes up from His meditation deep, and the power of His glance divine at once would destroy the cycle of our birth and death ...3

Pota Aagar Re, Sabha Bharai Bese; Sant Harijan Re, Samu Joi Rahe Che ... 4
When He holds His holy meetings with His saints, He sits so calm They look at Him in adoration and gaze on His graceful stance ...4

Dhyan Dharine Re, Betha Hoi Hari Pote; Sant Harijan Re, Trupt Na Thaye Jote ... 5
When Shree Hari sits before them in meditation deep, the saints and devotees gaze at Him and they thirst for that divine vision ...5

Sadhu Kirtan Re, Gaye Vajadi Vaaja; Temne Joine Re, Magan Thaye Maharaja ... 6
When the saints play music and also sing songs devotional and divine our Lord listens with eye-lids dropped lost deeply in the ecstasy ...6

Temni Bhera Re, Chapti Vajadi Gaye; Sant Harijan Re, Nirkhi Raji Thaye ... 7
He snaps His fingers with the beats of the song, keeping pace pace with the music when the saints and devotees keep looking, their bliss is beyond the words ...7

Kyarek Sadhu Re, Gaye Vajadi Tali; Bhera Gaye Re, Tali Dai Vanmali ... 8
At the time the saints sing gaily while clapping with the beats of the song, He also joins them singing while clapping with them all ...8

Aagar Sadhu Re, Kirtan Gaye Jyare; Pota Aagar Re, Katha Vanchaay Tyare ... 9
When the saints are all before Him singing devotional songs at the recital of divine katha, He readily joins them there ...9

Pote Vaarta Re, Karta Hoi Bahunami; Khasta Aawe Re, Premanandna Swami ... 10
When our Lord of a thousand names slides slowley near to talk to His saint, He moves with grace from His divine seat, such is the Lord of Premeanand Swami ...10

Pad - 3

Manushya Lila Re, Karta Mangalkari; Bhakt Sabhama Re, Betha Bhav Bhayhaari ... 1
Auspicious is the behaviour of Shree Hari in human from when one sits before Him The feat of death in life is lost ...1

Tene Jota Re, Jaye Jag Aashakti; Gyaan Vairagya Re, Dharma Sahit Je Bhakti ... 2
At the very sight of Him are gone, the worldly attachments of all "Keep away from worldly life", says Shree Hari and inspires enlightment divine ...2

Te Sambandhi Re, Vaarta Karta Bhari; Hari Samjaave Re, Nij Janane Sukhkari ... 3
Devotional clad in religion, He preaches and expounds all subjects spiritually Simple are the words He showers that bring bliss to His men ...3

Yoga Ne Sankhya Re, Panch Ratra Vedant; Ae Shastrano Re, Rahasya Kahe Kari Khant ... 4
He talks of Samkhya and Yoga too, Pancharatra, Vedanta and Shastras of all With affection He expounds the mysterious ways of God ...4

Kyarek Harijan Re, Deshdeshna Aawe; Utsav Uper Re, Puja Bahuvidh Laave ... 5
Often when devotees come from near and far on the festivals that are arranged, they bring to Him all choicest gifts ...5

Jaani Potana Re, Sevak Jan Avinashi; Temni Puja Re, Grahan Kare Sukhrashi ... 6
Knowing them all His own men our Lord immortal lovesthem all and accepts All those choicest gifts the ocean of bliss is happy with them ...6

Bhakt Potana Re, Tene Shyam Sujaan; Dhyan Karavi Re, Khenche Nadi Pran ... 7
Our Lord of wisdom looks at them as devotees with sincere hearts He induces in them meditation deep, and holds their pulses and their breath ...7

Dhyanmanthi Re, Uthade Nijjanne; Dehma Laave Re, Pran Indriya Maanne ... 8
From the trance He brings them back and they look so morning-fresh Brings them back to their life at once with all senses ...8

Sant Sabhama Re, Betha Hoi Avinash; Koi Harijanne Re, Tedvo Hoi Pass ... 9
Pehli Angali Re, Netratani Kari Shaan; Premanand Kahe Re, Saad Kare Bhagwan ... 10
In the holy meeting of saints, our immortal Lord sits. If at times He wants to call some devotee from the assembly, He raises His finger first and makes a winking sign. Says Premanand Swami, thus the Lord would call a person bu His side ...9 - 10

Pad - 4

Mohanjini Re, Lila Aati Sukhkari; Anand Aape Re, Sunta Nyari Nyari ... 1
The divine sportings of Mohanjee give us gladness and bliss galore and when you listen to them all these wondrous tales give untold bliss ... 1

Kyarek Vato Re, Kare Munivar Sathe; Gutchh Gulabna Re, Choare Che Bae Hathe ... 2
Many are the ocassions, when He takes with saints supreme, He presses roses between His palms and plays with them with joy

Shital Jani Re, Limbu Haar Gulabi; Tene Rakhe Re, Aankho Uper Daabi ... 3
Garland of roses with lemons mixed are known as soothing well to all. He holds them on the eye-lids and gently feels their coolness

Kyarek Pote Re, Rajipama Hoi; Vato Kare Re, Katha Vanchay Toye ... 4
When the holy narration is on, and when He feels so glad, He pleasently chats with holy saints

Saambhare Kirtan Re, Pote Kaink Vichare; Puchava Aawe Re, Jamvanu Koi Tyare ... 5
While listening to kirtan, He deeply contemplates and at that time, someone comes there and invites Him to dine or someone comes to garland Him or someone offers Him worship. He expresses dislike for all that and feels offended at that man

Haar Chadhawe Re, Puja Karwa Aawe; Tena Uper Re, Bahu Khiji Risawe ... 6
While listening to kirtan, He deeply contemplates and at that time, someone comes there and invites Him to dine or someone comes to garland Him or someone offers Him worship. He expresses dislike for all that and feels offended at that man

Katha Saambharta Re, Hare Hare Kahi Bole; Marm Kathano Re, Suni Magan Thai Dole ... 7
While listening to narration, He chants, "Oh Hari, Oh Hari", words hearing the essence of katha divine, He rocks Himself with joy

Bhan Kathama Re, Biji Kriya Maae; Kyarek Achanak Re, Jamta Hare Bolaye ... 8
He fixes His mind in narration yet thinks of something else; All of a sudden, while dining, He utters the words, "Oh Hari"

Thai Smruti Re, Potane Jyare Teni; Thoduk Hase Re, Bhakt Samu Joi Beni ... 9
Later, He remembers all that He spoke in dream-like trance. He looks at His devotee and smiles with joy of all

Em Hari Nit Nit Re, Anand Ras Varsawe; A Lila Ras Re, Joi Premanand Gaawe ... 10
Thus Shri Hari, day by day showers all the bliss and observing such sportings, Premanand Swami weaves His songs

Pad - 5

Sambhar Sajni Re, Divya Swaroop Murari; Kare Charitra Re, Manushya Vigrah Dhari ... 1
Assuming the human form at will, He goes for sporting divine. The celestial Murari He is. Listen to His deeds divine

Thaya Manohar Re, Mohan Manushya Jewa; Roop Anupam Re, Nijjanne Sukh Dewa ... 2
As Mohan, He appears as handsome as a man, His beauty is beyond all words, He showers His bliss upon His devotees

Kyarek Dholiye Re, Bese Shri Ghanshyam; Kyarek Bese Re, Chhakare Puran Kam ... 3
At time He graces a spacious bedstead, where He sits as dear Ghanshyam. At times embroidered carpet is enough as a seat for Puran-Kaam

Kyarek Godaadu Re, Oachade Sahit; Patharayu Hoi Re, Te Par Bese Prite ... 4
At time He sits on a bed sheet that covers a mattress soft. He likes to sit with love there as it is spread for Him

Kyarek Dholiya Re, Uper Takiyo Bhaari; Te Par Bese Re, Shyam Palathi Vaari ... 5
When He sees a pillow, thick and soft placed on a bed upon the bedstead, He would grace that pillow while sitting there with both legs crossed

Ghanuk Bese Re, Takiye Othingan Daine; Kyarek Gothan Re, Bandhe Khes Laine ... 6
Long are the hours upon the bed, when He sits with pilows at His back, at time He raises both the knees and ties them with His sash

Kyarek Raji Re, Thai Atishe Aali; Sant Harijanne Re, Bhete Baathma Ghali ... 7
Many times when He feels glad, He offers valued gifts to someone and embraces His saints and men so closely as to be one with them

Kyarek Mathe Re, Lai Mele Be Hath; Chhati Mahe Re, Charan Kamal De Nath ... 8
Both His hands, He places at time on the head of one He loves so much. Lotus like feet, He places at times on the chest of the man He loves

Kyarek Aape Re, Haar Tora Giridhari; Kyarek Aape Re, Aang Na Vastra Utaari ... 9
Girdhari gives His garlands and nose-gays too at time. At times He presents His costumes, His turban, sash and shawl He wears

Kyarek Aape Re, Prasadi Na Thal; Premanand Kahe Re, Bhakt Tanaa Pratipal ... 10
At times, when He is pleased so much, He gives them sweets from His own plate. Sentinel of the saintly men He is thus declares Swami Premanand

Pad - 6

Aewa Kare Re, Charitra Pawankari; Shukraji Sarkha Re, Gawe Nitya Sambhari ... 1

Kyarek Jibhne Re, Dant Tale Dabewe; Daabe Jamne Re, Padkhe Sahaj Swabhawe ... 2

Chhink Jyare Aawe Re, Tyare Rumal Laine; Chhink Khaye Re, Mukh Par Aado Daine ... 3

Ramuj Aani Re, Haase Ati Ghanshyam; Mukh Par Aado Re, Rumal Dai Sukhdham ... 4

Kyarek Vato Re, Karta Thaka Dev; Chede Rumalne Re, Val Dewani Taev ... 5

Ati Dayalu Re, Swabhav Che Swamino; Parddukh Haari Re, Vaari Bahunamino ... 6

Koine Dukhyo Re, Dekhi Na Khamay; Daya Aani Re, Ati Aakara Thaye ... 7

Aanna Dhan Vastra Re, Aapi Ne Dukh Taare; Karuna Drushti Re, Dekhi Vaanaj Vaare ... 8

Daabe Khambhe Re, Khes Aad Chode Nakhi; Chaale Jamanare Karma Rumal Rakhi ... 9

Kyarek Daabo Re, Kar Ked Uper Meli; Chaale Vaalo Re, Premanand No Heli ... 10

Pad - 7

Nit Nit Nautam Re, Lila Kare Harirai; Gaata Sunta Re, Harijan Raaji Thaye ... 1

Sahaj Swabhawe Re, Utaawala Bahu Chale; Het Karine Re, Bolawe Bahu Vahaale ... 2

Kyarek Ghode Re, Chadvu Hoi Tyare; Kyarek Santne Re, Piraswa Padhare ... 3

Tyare Daabe Re, Khambhe Khes Ne Aani; Khes Ne Bandhe Re, Ked Sangathe Taani ... 4

Peerse Laadu Re, Jalebi, Ghanshyam; Janas Jamyani Re, Lai Lai Tena Nam ... 5

Faare Pangatma Re, Waramwar Maharaj; Sant Harijanne Re, Peeraswane Kaj ... 6

Shradhha Bhakti Re, Ati Ghani Peerasta; Koina Mukhma Re, Aape Laadu Hasta ... 7

Paachali Ratri Re, Chaar Ghadi Rahe Jyare; Daatan Karwa Re, Uthe Hari Te Ware ... 8

Naahwa Bese Re, Nath Palathi Vaari; Kar Lai Kalasyo Re, Jal Dhore Vanmali ... 9

Kore Vastre Re, Kari Sharir Ne Luwe; Premanand Kahe Re, Harijan Sarwe Juwe ... 10

Pad - 8

Ruda Shobhe Re, Naahi Ne Ubha Hoi; Vastra Pehrelu Re, Saathal Vachhe Nichowe ... 1

Pag Sathal Ne Re, Luhine Sarangpaani; Kora Khesne Re, Pehre Saripethe Taani ... 2

Odhi Uperni Re, Reshmi Korni Vahalo; Aawe Jamwa Re, Chakhadi Ae Chadi Chhale ... 3

Maathe Uperni Re, Odhi Bese Jamwa; Kaan Ughada Re, Rakhe Mujne Gamwa ... 4

Jamta Daaba Re, Pagni Palothi Wari; Te Par Daabo Re, Kar Mele Vanmari ... 5

Jamana Pagne Re, Rakhi Oobho Shyam; Te Par Jamano Re, Kar Mele Sukhdham ... 6

Rudi Reete Re, Jame Devna Dev; Ware Ware Re, Pani Pidhani Tev ... 7

Janas Swadu Re, Janaay Jamta Jamta; Paase Harijan Re, Betha Hoi Maangamta ... 8

Temne Aapi Re, Pachi Pote Jame; Jamta Jeevan Re, Harijanne Maan Gaame ... 9

Ferwe Jamta Re, Pet Uper Hari Hath; Odkaar Khaye Re, Premanand No Nath ... 10

Pad - 9

Charu Kare Re, Mohan Trupt Thaine; Danth Ne Khotare Re, Sali Rupani Laine ... 1

Mukhwas Laine Re, Dholiye Biraje; Puja Kare Re, Harijan Hete Zaaze ... 2

Paapan Uper Re, Anto Lai Albelo; Fento Bandhe Re, Chogu Meli Chelo ... 3

Varsharutune Re, Sharadrutu Ne Jani; Ghela Nadina Re, Nirmal Nir Vakhani ... 4

Sant Harijanne Re, Sathe Lai Ne Shyam; Nahwa Padhare Re, Ghele Puran Kaam ... 5

Bahu Jal Krida Re, Karta Jal Ma Naay; Jalma Tani Re, Daine Kirtan Gaye ... 6

Nahine Baare Re, Nisri Vastra Pehri; Ghode Besi Re, Gher Aawe Rang Lehri ... 7

Pawan Yashne Re, Harijan Gaata Aawe; Jivan Joine Re, Anand Oor Na Samawe ... 8

Gadhpurwasi Re, Joine Jag Aadhar; Sufar Kare Che Re, Nena Varamwar ... 9

Aawi Biraje Re, Osariye Bahunami; Dholiya Uper Re, Premanand No Swami ... 10

Pad - 10

Nij Sevak Ne Re, Sukhdewa Ne Kaaj; Pote Pragtya Re, Purshottam Maharaj ... 1

Faliya Mahi Re, Sabha Kari Biraje; Puran Shashi Re, Udganma Jem Chaaje ... 2

Brahmras Varse Re, Trupt Kare Harijanne; Podhe Ratre Re, Jami Shyam Sudh Anaane ... 3

Be Angalio Re, Tilak Karya Ni Pere; Bhal Vachhe Re, Ubhi Rakhi Fere ... 4

Suta Suta Re, Mara Mangi Laine; Jamne Hathe Re, Nitt Ferve Chitt Daine ... 5

Bhul Na Pade Re, Kedi Awu Nem; Dharmakunwarni Re, Sahaj Prakruti Aem ... 6

Bhar Nindrama Re, Podhya Hoi Munirai; Koi Ajane Re, Lagaar Adi Jaye ... 7

Tyare Fadki Re, Jaage Sundar Shyam; Kon Che Puche Re, Sewak Ne Sukhdham ... 8

Awi Lila Re, Harini Anant Apaar; Mae To Gayi Re, Kaink Mati Anusaar ... 9

Je Koi Prite Re, Shikhe Sune Gaase; Premanand No Re, Swami Raji Thaase ... 10

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