Re Shyaam tame

Re Shyam Tame Saachunaanu, Biju Sarve Dukhdaayak Jaanu... Re Shyam...
O Lord (one with a dark complexion you are the real wealth. Everything else is considered to bring unhappiness and suffering.
Re Tam Vinaa Sukhsampat Kahaave
O It is said that all the wealth and happiness without you,
Teto Sarve Mahadukh Upjaave;
That all creates great pain
Ante Ema Kaam Koinaave, ... Re Shyam ... 1
and at the end of one's life all that it is of no use (to work) for anyone.

Re Murakh Lok Maare Bhatki,
O All the foolish persons wander all over (within) the world,
Jootha Sange Haare Shir Patki;
and bang their heads in the company (with) of undesirable (false) persons.
Ethi Maari Mann Vruti Atki, ... Re Shyam ... 2
Realising (From) that all that is false, my mind (focus) has stopped wandering.

Che Akhand Alaukik Sukh Taaru
My Lord yours is the everlasting divine happiness.
Te Joi Joi Mann Mohyu Maaru;
Seeing that again and again my mind has been attracted to you.
Dharaa Dhan Tam Upar Vaaru, ... Re Shyam ... 3
My lord I want to bestow all my wealth and my land to (upon) you as they are not mine but are yours.

Re Brahmathi Kit Lagi Joyu,
O I have looked at everything, from the creator Lord Brahma to the tiniest insect.
Juthu Sukh Janine Vagovyu;
and I understand that everything it is all false happiness and I have rejected it all.
Muktanand Mann Tam Sang Mohyu ... Re Shyam ... 4
Muktanand Swami says that my mind is engrossed in you (company)