Podhe Prabhu

Podhe Prabhu Sakal Munike Shyaam;
Shree Hari(Lord), who is the lord (one with a dark complexion) of all the saints is about to rest(sleep) for the night.
Narnarayan Divya Murti; Swaminarayan Divya Murti, Santanke Vishraam ... Podhe ... 1
The divine form of Lord Narnarayan and Lord Swaminarayan is the resting place (abode) of all the saints.

Akshar Par Aanandghan Prabhu Kiyo Hai Bhupar Thaam;
Lord Shree Hari who is the supreme being in (upon) Akshardham and is full (mass) of bliss has come to down to earth and made it his home.
Jehi Milat Jan Tarat Maayaa, Lahat Akshardham ... Podhe ... 2
Those persons who come in contact (meet) with him will overcome ignorance and illusions of 'Maya' and will achieve heaven.

Shaarad Shesh Mahesh Mahamuni, Japat Jehi Gunnaam;
Brahma, Lord Sheshnarayan, Lord Shiva and all the great saints chant his (that) name which is full of divine qualities.
Jaas Padraj, Shish Dhari Dhari, Hot Jan Nishkaam ... Podhe ... 3
By anointing (placing) their heads again and again with the sand particles, which have been touched by Shree Hari's feet, every person becomes free of desires.

Prem Ke Paryanka Par Prabhu, Karat Sukh Aaram;
The Lord is having a pleasant rest on a bedstead that is lovingly made.
Muktanand Nij Charandhig, Gunn Gaavat Aathu Jaam ... Podhe ... 4
Muktanand Swami says he sits near the lotus feet of Shree Hari and sings his praises (qualities) every hour of the day.