Hari Bhaktos

  • Dada Khachar

    Dada Khachar Who in the Swaminarayan Sampraday has not heard the name of Dada Khachar? Whose single-minded devotion to Maharaj has been famed in our scriptures and at whose deep love and generosity, Maharaj set up residence at Gadhada at the Darbar of Dada Khachar. In the beautiful fruit orchard of Lakha Patel, there was a neem sapling near a banana plant. Read More
  • Joban Pagi

    Joban Pagi Ladudanji started studying at the age of seven by Pandit Shiv Shankar Upadhyaya. His parents decided to send their son to Bhuj for further studies as Bhuj was recognised for its education. The parents were worried how to send him as he was too young to go alone. Ladudanji later went to Bhuj with a Brahmin. He completed his study Read More
  • Markandeya Muni

    Markandeya Muni One day Devidan's father had to go out so he left Devidan in charge of the Shiva mandir. Lord Shiva apeared from the Murti and asked what He can do for Devidan. Devidan asked Lord Shiva for Antyantik Kaalyan. Lord Shiva replied, "the almighty Lord travels the Earth these days, He will give you Moksha and will be visiting Badol Read More
  • Mayaram Bhatt

    Mayaram Bhatt Khushal Bhatt was married, but was not attached. He was very intellectual thus helping him learn Sanskrit and acquiring religious knowledge. Later on, he moved to Dabhoi where he set up a school and taught young Brahmins. He heard from Kashiram and Murlidhar about Lord Swaminarayan and later he learned more about Lord Swaminarayan from Sharveshranand Swami. The more he Read More
  • Mukundananda Brahmachari

    Mukundananda Brahmachari Gunatitanand Swami was born as Mul Sharma in VS 1841, in the town of Bhadra in Gujarat. His father was called Bhodanath and his mother was called Sakarba. He always saw the divine image of the Lord. For about 40 years he stayed as Mahant at Junagadh Temple. He died in VS 1923 in Gondal Read More
  • Parshad Bhaguji

    Parshad Bhaguji Muktanand's jivan charitra is a prime example of how to do bhakti of Lord Shree Swaminarayan. His contributions to the Swaminarayan Sampradaya are too many to describe. He was one of the five Sadgurus who compiled the memorable words of Shree Hari in Vachnamrut. He was born in v s 1814, in Amrelli, a city on the slopes of Mount Read More
  • Shree Jeenabhai

    Shree Jeenabhai Lalji's family were very religious. They were the devotees of Atmanand Swami, Guru of Ramanand Swami. He spent most of his time serving Ramanand Swami and also at night travel to Bhadra and had discussion with Mulsharma. Lalji went to Bhuj to express his feelings of Lord Swaminarayan being more popular than Ramanand Swami when he was a small child. Read More
  • Shree Parvatbhai

    Shree Parvatbhai Dinmani Sharma's family were very rich. He went Kashi to learn and acquire knowledge from Jagjit Pandit. He wanted darshan of Lord Swaminarayan and to acquire this, he proceeded towards Badrinath. On the way, he joined other pilgrims and found no joy there. He then went to Jugnathpuri and done his pilgrimage but still could not find any happiness. He Read More
  • Uddavji

    Uddavji Premanand Swami was born as Hathiram in the town of Dora Bharuch in VS 1840. He was born to Hindu parents who abandoned him at a young age. A Muslim family raised him, his foster father was called Dosatai. Dosatai was a good father and wanted Hathiram to learn the art of music. For this reason Dosatai sent Hathiram to Read More
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