Sankhyogi Bayo

  • Gangama ('Maa')

    Gangama ('Maa') Gangama is famed in the Sampraday as the only person to be referred to as 'Maa' (mother) by Shreeji Maharaj. This was the extent of his great love and affection for Gangama. As Maharaj had so much affection for Gangama, all other devotees of the sampraday including the saints also referred to her as Maa. She was originally from Jetalpur Read More
  • Jatanba

    Jatanba In the royal home of Gadhada, Abhal Khachar had two daughter's Jeevuba (otherwise known as Jaya) was the eldest and Laduba (otherwise known as Lalita) the younger. They were the devout elder sisters of Dada Khachar. They were more interested in devotion then even the royal riches and normal activites associated with youth. Abhel Khachar's earlier children had all died Read More
  • Jeevuba (Jaya)

    Jeevuba (Jaya) One day Devidan's father had to go out so he left Devidan in charge of the Shiva mandir. Lord Shiva apeared from the Murti and asked what He can do for Devidan. Devidan asked Lord Shiva for Antyantik Kaalyan. Lord Shiva replied, "the almighty Lord travels the Earth these days, He will give you Moksha and will be visiting Badol Read More
  • Karaniba

    Karaniba Karaniba was from Dhamadka in Kutch. The was a great devotee of Maharaj. She has also personally served Maharaj greatly. She had also assisted Brahmanand Swami greatly when he came to Dhamadka for learning. Maharaj had often gone to Dhamadka. Indeed elder saints say that earlier to Narnarayan Dev being installed in Bhuj, there was talk of building a temple Read More
  • Kushal Kunvarba

    Kushal Kunvarba In Dharmapur (near Surat) there lived a great devotee of God, Kushal Kunvarba. She was the Queen of the region and was widowed. She had a lustrous son who was very kind and generous and always welcomed Sadhus to the Royal Palaces and fed them lovingly. Kushal Kunvarba had the pleasure once of meeting Param Chaitanyanand Swami. He resided in Read More
  • Laduba (Lalita)

    Laduba (Lalita) Laduba's had very similar pure qualities as her elder sister. Both had firm uncompromising love and devotion for Maharaj. Indeed sometimes this used to get in the way as they often used to compete for service to Maharaj. Both enjoyed celebrating and organising festivals in Gadhada and it was because of this rivalry that Maharaj decided to split their service Read More
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